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Some resort rules you should remember:

    • No hanging towels or clothing over balcony rails
    • No open alcohol containers at the pools or in the common areas
    • Alcoholic beverages are allowed at the building one pool in opaque cups
    • No glass containers at the pools or in the common areas
    • No boom boxes or radios without headphones at the pools or common areas
    • Children under 12 must be accompanied when using the pools or amenities
    • No smoking in the common area of building 3 (enclosed)
    • Use the dumpsters for household trash not the small trash cans in the hallways
    • If your car leaks oil or fluids, do not park under building 3 or 4
    • Appropriate attire is required at all times
    • Pets are not allowed
    • Additional rules and regulations will be found documented in your accommodation.

      Note: You can receive a ticket or fine for violating these rules.

      Coco's On the Beach The resort's ocean-front bar with food, drink and games
      The Island Grill and Deli The resort's on-site deli, grill, convenience store, movie rentals, ping pong and other fun and useful items. In building #1 beside the outdoor pool!

      Floorplan - A
      Floor plan A - 2 bedroom layout

      Floorplan - B
      Floor plan B - 2 bedroom layout

      Floorplan - C
      Floor plan C - 3 bedroom layout

      Floorplan - D
      Floor plan D - 2 bedroom layout

      Floorplan - E
      Floor plan E - 2 bedroom layout
      Mapquest How to get to Hilton Head Resort - driving map and aerial photo
      Aerial photo taken of Hilton Head resort in 1994
      Aerial photo taken of Hilton Head resort in 2002
      Aerial photo taken of Hilton Head resort in 2004
      City proposals for the resort area with parks, traffic lights, improved entrance/exits

      Resort Brochure
      A 1984 resort marketing brochure.

      Pre-construction Sales Brochure
      A 1981 resort marketing brochure before construction started.

      Pictures taken in the early 80s showing construction and original finished condition

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